Passion, Integrity, Craftsmanship, & Pride A home should not simply exist as a place to go through the motions of life. A home is where we should connect with life. It should be an extension of our emotions, fuel our passions, reflect our inner desires, and provide a place for inspiration. Home, therefore, is essentially who we are. At Andrukaitis-Mosher, we have been eagerly striving to integrate the essence of life in all the projects we undertake with integrity, transparency, and pride. Our eclectic team of gifted craftsmen and profession tradesmen possess the requisite skills and knowledge required to make what was once a dream into tangible reality. Our passion for quality and desire to express our craftsmanship is matched by few and remains the fundamental focus of our firm. Working with talented local architects and charismatic designers, our team can confidently connect with and interpret our client’s concepts, comprehend required needs, and appreciate the dreams and aspirations in a collective effort to fully fathom each and every project. We manage each and every client as if they were our own family and, therefore, eagerly look forward to hearing how we can translate who you are and make it part of your home! Dave Andrukaitis & Tim Mosher Owners

The Importance of Choosing the Right Builder.


The exterior of a home is the first line of defense for protecting what is most valuable in life.

Inferior materials, building mediocrity, and dishonest practices in the building trade will often times lead to expensive repairs and expenses.  Meanwhile, the interior finishes of a home often reflects the styles and graces of owners, they reflect preceding experiences to be cherished, and expresses the importance of details in our lives.


Therefore, a builder should be a trusted, respected, and professional firm whose interest parallels the client’s they serve.  At Andrukaitis-Mosher, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a quality product without compromising our values while concurrently listening to our client’s desires, questions, and at times, demands.  As a small firm, we have the unique ability and desire to manage each project and client relationship as if it were our family. We fervently believe that we are working for a greater good and trust that this endeavor is unmistakably reflected in our work.

Stairs – Cabinetry – Millwork


Because many of our carpenters have solid backgrounds performing the tasks that many

carpenters shy away from, we pride ourselves for regularly being requested to come in and, “…do the difficult tasks”.  Our experience and presence includes multi-million dollar projects in Kansas City, Downtown New York condominiums, and many of Maine’s iconic properties.  We regularly work with prestigious builders in Maine on many of the most discriminating projects.  Therefore, whether you are an individual looking for a competent builder that shares your vision and standards or a commercial enterprises looking to secure a detail-oriented carpentry firm for a sensitive project, we would be more then happy to discus with you how Andrukaitis-Mosher can assist.

The Greater Good


Andrukaitis – Mosher truly believes that what we do here on earth echoes in eternity.  Our firm believes in mitigating wasteful and unnecessary practices, striving for greener and environmentally enhanced building practices, and desires to leave our mark not simply in our community, but in our future as well.  There is an old adage that says, “What one reaps, one will sow.”  Therefore, we desire nothing less then to reap the very best so that our impact can produce a bountiful harvest.

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